What does it mean?

Compliance in a company environment means compliance with relevant laws, rules and regulations by a company. This is becoming more and more important also for small and medium enterprises. With an increasing number and complexity of national, European and global rules and regulations a high degree of knowledge and strategic vision is required. Shortfalls can lead to a high exposure of liability and can damage the company image permanently.


An effective Compliance Management System considers the relevant rules and regulations for a company, including the relevant foreign legal systems. Internal guidelines and procedures are adapted accordingly, synchronised with risk management and internal audit departments and then implemented within the company. Building a compliance culture, effective monitoring and clearly defined measures in case of violations lead to a sustainable implementation of the Compliance Management System.


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Compliance Management System

what are the Advantages?

The main advantage of Compliance Management for a company is the prevention of disadvantages. The company and its executives have to make sure that no violations are taking place out of the company. If respective measures are not taken, i.e. an effective Compliance Management is not implemented, both company and executives can sentenced to severe penalties.


On the other hand there are some "real" advantages an effective Compliance Management can offer:

  • More substantiated business decisions
  • Higher competitiveness
  • More efficient allocation of resources
  • Higher transparency of business processes
  • Higher flexibility

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Vorteile Compliance Management
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our offer

We are implementing a Compliance Management System in your company, we are coaching your staff and monitor and improve the system. Optionally we can assume the position of external Compliance Officer for your company.


The implementation will be carried out in three co-ordinated steps:

  • Basics of the Compliance organisation
    • legal basis
    • minimum requirements
    • interfaces
  • Compliance risks
    • identify and assess risks
    • privacy and data protection
  • Implement Compliance
    • training and communication
    • whistle blower system
    • measures in case of violation
    • internal/external investigation
    • monitoring and improvement
    • building a compliance culture

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