About us

who we are

Andeco Consulting is the consultancy for small and medium enterprises. Our customers are manufacturing industries and trades as well as service providers and public or social services.


With our experience from different industries (paper, photo, printing, ceramics, chemicals) and services (leasing, factoring) we do have a broad know-how in various project topics (market research, surveys, statistical forecasting, profitability analysis, re-structuring of integrated management system, continuous improvement and lean projects).


what we offer

We are offering services around management systems, compliance, operations strategy and interim management.


We do not use ready-made tool boxes or benchmarks. Instead we are looking at the individual requirements and needs of our customers and develop solutions based on objective analyses


Our co-operation with chartered accountants, tax accountants and lawyers ensures comprehensive and reliable advice for our customers. With a network of experts and cooperation with several nationwide partners we can offer sensible individual solutions also for bigger-scale projects, for example multi-site projects.


our guideline

The connective element of our services is the "ADI principle": Analyse - Design - Implement, which is reflected in our name "Andeco". Andeco consists of the latin terms for analyse (analyzare), design (designare) and implement (convertere).


By connecting these three steps we are developing practical individual solutions for and together with our customers:

  • Analysing current situation
    • What is the issue?
    • Which hard numbers, data, facts are available?
    • Which soft factors have to be considered?
  • Working out alternative solutions and chosing the best alternative based on the analysis
    • Where are we going? What is the goal?
    • Which possible solutions do we have?
    • Which possibility is most promising?
    • Which tasks/measures/projects are part of the implementation?
  • Implement the solution and control measures
    • Who is responsible for which task/measure/project?
    • What is the time frame?
    • How are results measured and documented?
    • Who is coordinating everything?