who we are

Andeco Consulting is the consultancy for small and medium enterprises.


We are looking at the individual requirements and needs of our customers, so we do not use ready-made tool boxes or unspecific benchmarks.

what we do

We are offering services around management systems, compliance, operations strategy and interim management.


Our co-operation with chartered accountants, tax accountants and lawyers ensures comprehensive and reliable advice for our customers.

our guideline

The connective element of our services is the "ADI principle": Analyse - Design - Implement, which is reflected in our name:


Analyse - lat. analyzare

Design - lat. designare

Implement - lat. convertere

more information:

  • Our services:
    • Compliance
    • Strategy Consulting
    • Interim Management
    • Integrated Management systems
    • Energy Management ISO 50001
    • Quality Management ISO 9001
    • Environmental Management
      ISO 14001
    • Occupational Health Management
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